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  Osmosis - Korea Reverse Osmosis Drinking Water Machine

Overview of Reverse Osmosis technology

This is the most important part of the drinking water system. It removes salts, harmful contaminants, and bacteria (99.99%) leaving clean, fresh water. Investing in a reputable and reliable RO membrane element is essential for safe, healthy and good tasting water.

Osmosis introduces a full line of high-quality reverse osmosis element for point-of-use drinking water market, delivering high quality product and consistent performance. When incorporating the element into your point-of-use system, you can be sure your customers will receive the highest level of water purity and trouble free performance.

Working Principle of Reverse Osmosis

Our RO filter consists of a DISPOSABLE unitized MEMBRANE SHEET made in USA with Brine Seal for sealing and separating permeate water and disposal water. The Membrane tube is constructed out of 100% filled Food grade ABS. The Brine seal and o'rings are NSF certification requirements.