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Vapura - Australian Evaporative Purification Technology - 37°C distilled water

Vapura helps keep you hydrated by providing both chilled and hot water at far higher levels of purity than bottled or filtered products. Vapura’s evaporative purification technology ensures that our water is oxygenated and fresh at all times.

Vapura’s evaporative purification technology has the ultimate level of contamination removal efficiency, which means:

The removal of all solids which include sewerage, dust, heavy metals (arsenic, mercury etc)

The removal of germs and viruses such as giardia, anthrax, cryptosporidium etc

The removal of gases and odours such as chlorine and sulphur thereby removing unpleasant tastes.

The removal of nitrates, sulfates, chlorides, perchorate

The removal of hydrocarbons such as TCE, MTSE, pesticides, chlorinated compounds

No Filters

Vapura’s evaporative purification technology delivers to you the purest of drinking water, consistently over time unlike filters or R/O membranes which deteriorate over time and based upon the quality of source waters processed.

Closed Loop System

Because Vapura systems incorporate a Closed Loop System of evaporative purification, contamination is almost impossible without intentional disruption to the system.

Compare this with a bottled water dispenser where scum, bacteria and other contaminations can develop from stagnant sitting in the bottle receptacle as well as the strong chance that the bottle neck has collected contamination under its cartage seal.

During the frequent changing of bottles for such a system, it is common place that next to no cleaning or disinfecting is performed.


Just as Nature Intended

While there are a number of filtration systems which 'clean' water by removing contaminants from drinking water (to varying levels of quality), VAPURA's evaporative purification technology delivers the purest drinking water available in a convenient home, office and work environment package. VAPURA adopts nature’s own process of water purification, protected in a closed system which guarantees pure water at all times.

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How Evaporative Purification Technology Works

Untreated source water (tap, sea, river, etc) enters the Vacuum chamber.

The water is then heated to approximately 37 degree Celcius by the waste heat produced from the refrigeration system (similar to the heat at the back of your refrigerator).

The contaminated water starts to boil producing a pure water vapour which rises from the surface as a result of the Vaporisation process (similar to water vapour rising from the ocean surface to form clouds).

The pure water vapour then travels through baffle plates, used to prevent splashing of contaminated water.

This vapour then condenses onto a cold coil (condensing coil) to form pure water droplets, similar to a cold glass of water forming water droplets on the outside of it.

The purified water is continuously monitored for guaranteed quality with an alarm sounding should the machine be tampered with or a sudden change in water purity.

As outlined, the process of Evaporative Purification replicates nature, however, the VAPURA systems have a distinct advantage: our environment remains sterile (no pollution).