Air Oasis™ - U.S. Patend pending  AHPCO™  Nano Catalyst Air Purifier
New Generation of Green Technology
V.E.E. has been appointed as the Asia representative, Hong Kong and Macau sole distributor of Air Oasis™, whose products ranging from car, home, commercial and HVAC system for advanced installation. The proprietary patent-pending Air Oasis™ AHPCO Nano Catalyst is superior to any PCO catalyst currently on the market.
Air Oasis™ is an American-based company. It has utilized this early NASA technology to develop a line of air purifiers. Air Oasis™ products are fabricated and having patent-pending in USA, which attributes the guarantee of quality and assurance.
The AHPCO Nano Catalyst and Bi-Polar® Ionization Technology and Ultraviolet offers a positive outcome on indoor air quality and health, which effectively reduces bacteria, germ, allergies, mold, formaldehyde, cigarette smoke, volatile organic compounds and stinks. With sufficient scientific researches and testing, products of Air Oasis™ are proved having higher performance than the air purification equipment in the market. The study measured reductions in methicillin resistant Staphylococcus aureus, MRSA on surfaces.
AHPCO Nano Catalyst Technology

The AHPCO Nano Catalyst contains five rare catalytic metals. We also use nano-sized metals to increase the reaction rate. This technology does not rely on filters or air passing through the air purifiers. It simply produces a blanket of redundant oxidizers that will clean your air and sanitize surfaces at the same time.

What are carbon-based molecules?

A few examples are: Odor causing VOC, Smoke, Mold, Bacteria, Viruses and other aeroallergens…

Bi-Polar® Ionization Technology

Patented Bi-Polar® Ionization Technology is the only true Bi-Polar® ionization in the world. Unlike a negative ion machine that only produces negative charges and causes black wall phenomenon, our Bi-Polar® Technology produces both negative oxygen ions and positive hydrogen ions to perfectly balance your air without ozone. These Bi-Polar® ions not only break down contaminants on a molecular level, but also cause particles and allergens to cluster together and fall out of your breathable air space.

Longlife+™ Specialty Lamp Coating
A standard quartz lamp maintains 65% of its UVC output at 9,000 hours. With LongLife+™ technology, our UVC lamps maintain up to 80% of their output at 16,000 hours .
By utilizing a broad spectrum 254 nm UV light we achieve the same oxidizing and ionizing benefits found in nature, created by the sun. By combining the UV light with our patent-pending AHPCO Nano catalyst we achieve unparalleled results.
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Air Oasis™ Mobile Air Sanifier® Purifier :

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The test was performed in an about 2000 ft. sq. warehouse.
Two series of test including
Control (NanoHCT-9 turn OFF) and Performance (NanoHCT-9 turn ON)



According to the safety measure by West Texas A&M University Life, Earth and Environmental Sciences Department, Air Oasis™ Air Purifiers have proofed:

•       Surface and airborne bacterial reduction over 97%

•       Airborne mold reduction over 97%

•       VOC reduction over 80%

•       Odor reduction over 85%

•       Studies at BSA Hospital confirmed that Air Oasis™ Air Purifiers not only purify your air, but also sanitize surfaces such as reducing Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus Aurous, MRSA.

•       Study at BSA Hospital also measured reductions in other microbes and fungi. There was a 75% reduction in microbes and fungi in only 8 hours of use. Other studies show an almost complete eradication over a longer period of exposure to our air purifiers.

•       Study at Coulter Animal Hospital also proved Air Oasis™ Air Purifiers reduce 85% VOC in indoor air after running for an hour.