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  Air Oasis™ Bi-Polar® Cold Plasma Air Purifier
Can be installed in ANY system, ducted or not!
  • Easy installation, can install directly inside AC Units
  • Zero replacement parts, filterless, low maintenance.
  • Water resistant, built tough to outlast your air conditioner
  • UV resistant polycarbonate , works great in conjunction with Air Oasis™ nano Induct.
  • Ozone and chemical free
  • Covers up to 2400 CFM
  • 100% Made in America 
  • Reduces Contaminates including
  • Mold, bacteria and viruses
  • VOC
  • Particulates
  • Smoke, air borne dust, and pollen
  • Allergens
  • Static Electricity
  The Science of Bi-Polar® 2400

For pollen, smoke and dust

The Bi-Polar® creates cold plasma discharge which consists of positive and negative ions from water vapor in the air. Positive and Negative Ions attach to particles and allergens such as dust, smoke, pollen and dander.
Particles cluster together to create larger particles. Larger heavy particles drop out of the air and are easily trapped in filters.
Virus, mold and bacteria 
When the ions land on the outer shell of a mold, bacteria or viruses, the hydrogen is removed, the DNA is damaged and the pathogen cannot reproduce. This renders the pathogen harmless and it will not cause infection, even if it enters the body. 

How about VOC and Odor? 

Positive and negative ions attack odors and harmful VOC on a molecular level converting them into harmless atmospheric gases, such as oxygen, carbon dioxide and water vapor. The balance of positive and negative ions neutralizes static electricity. 

Installation options
Can be installed in almost any system ducted or not
Proven in the Laboratory
Bi-Polar® Ionization has undergone over a decade of rigorous university and certified laboratory testing around the world. With documented the kill rates of Polio (98.9%) and SARS (73.4%) in less than 4 seconds, it is also proofed effectively remove C. Difff, E. coli,  MRSA, TB, E. faecium, H5N1 & H1N1 etc. as well.
Actual result inside a smoking chamber
The Bi-Polar® can effectively remove smoke in a cigar smoke chamber within one minute.