When the UVC light react with the AHPCO Nano Catalytic metals, a blanket of redundant oxidizers produces. Those catalytic redundant oxidizers destroy carbon-based molecules by converting them to harmless carbon dioxide and water. At the same time, the Bi-polar ions break down pollutants and cluster particles, cleaning the air and sanitize surfaces.

AHPCO Nano Catalyst Technology Contains five rare nano size catalytic metals, Air Oasis™ Air Purifier has no filters and produces a blanket of redundant oxidizers to clean the air and sanitize surfaces at the same time. Bi-polar ionization technology Bi-polar ions (Negative oxygen ions and positive hydrogen ions) produce by Air Oasis™ Air Purifier break down pollutants and cluster particles without producing ozone. LongLife+™ Specialty Lamp Coating A standard quartz lamp maintains 65% of its UVC output at 9,000 hours. With LongLife+™ technology, Air Oasis™ UVC lamps can maintain up to 80% of their output at 16,000 hours.

This technology does not rely on filters or air passing through the purifiers, so it can use less energy and reduce noises. By produces a blanket of redundant oxidizers, your air and surfaces will clean and sanitize at the same time.

Air Oasis™ Mobile Sanifier® 175 covers up to 175 sq. ft. (Residential); Air Oasis™ AO1000 G3 covers up to 1000 sq. ft. (Residential); Air Oasis™ AO3000 G3 covers up to 3000 sq. ft. (Residential); Air Oasis™ AO3000 Xtreme G3 covers up to 3500 sq. ft. (Light commercial for medium and higher contamination); Air Oasis™ AO5000 covers up to 5000 sq. ft. (Commercial for higher contamination) Examples of higher contamination: Smoking, new decorations, heavy factory, refuse room etc.

No. Since Air Oasis™ catalytic oxidizers cannot pass through the solid wall or doors, only the areas directly connect to the corridor can be purified.

We recommend placing Air Oasis ™ Air Purifiers with 1 meter height at least with well ventilation. Not only allowing plenty of fresh air to manufacture catalytic oxidizers, it is also spreading catalytic oxidizers through the air circulation to the entire space and accessible surfaces.

Air Oasis™ Air Purifier is designed for 24-hour operation; there is no need to turn off the purifier when you go out.

Yes, Air Oasis™ Air Purifier can reduces many kinds of organic smell including tobacco smoke, pet smell, HCHO and VOCs.

With LongLife+™ technology, Air Oasis™ UVC lamps allow continuous operation up to two - three years before the replacement. Besides, there are no other parts need to be replaced.

No. Air Oasis™ Mobile 175 consumes only 12 watts while AO1000, AO3000 and AO3000 Xtreme are just 15 watts – which use less energy than a light bulb!